We offer a wide range of tailor-made services to our clients, centred around their specific needs and made after careful examination of their long-term goals. We believe in delivering results that are tangible – that you can measure and assess.

Our services include:

  • Locating potential partners and distributors, both locally and abroad BPLinks Marketing, Sales and FinancialServices
  • Developing co-operation and collaboration, worldwide, through all kinds of industries, by forming networks and alliances with reputable companies
  • Cost and time-effective market penetration, localisation and sales solutions
  • Outsourced business development and international sales services
  • Assisting businesses in setting up B2B marketing operations – in-house or outsourced
  • Creating and implementing business strategies with our clients, from the very first draft until actual sales are in place.  Thereafter, continuous management of the project
  • Locating small and middle-sized companies that are undervalued or have developed new technologies (bio-tech and mobile applications) for parties interested in mergers and acquisitions 

The industries we are currently working with include:

  • Medical devices and supplies
  • Cosmetics, beauty and personal care
  • Bio tech, Tele-health, E-Health, M-Health

Beauty and Personal Care Services:

BPLinks Beauty and Personal CareWe can locate the right distributor for your product, around the globe.
Example: You may be looking for a ‘mass market’ approach with the aim of ending up on every beautician’s shelf.  Or you may be aiming for a more medium/high market approach, in which case you will need more selective marketing This might include premium cosmetics stores, department stores, specialized niche stores (e.g. organic, make-up, hair care…).  We can do this for you.

Another service we provide is supporting the realization of a concept  – that is, seeing it through to production and creating an actual line with a finalized product. We do this by using our international experts, all of whom have years of experience with leading global brands.  They can provide you with the visibility you need to succeed on the marketing side, as well as pairing you with top manufactures in the industry.  The end result?  You have a formula that meets your customer’s needs.

BPLinks Medical Services and Devices

 Medical Devices and Services:

We can locate the perfect distributor for your medical device product, wherever you need around the globe. We also specialize in E-Health and M-Health. We are able to set up collaborations between, developers, service providers, capital ventures, and create joint ventures.

We can provide you with support when it comes to the realization of a concept for a new product, application or a long distance service.  Our experts will help you improve or finalize your product then take it to a higher stage of development, funding or marketing.  Whatever solution you need – whether its a hardware devise, accessible application or combination of the two – we can find it for you.  We will also provide you with the necessary tools and hands-on expertise to ensure that it is user-friendly, accurate and functional.

Our experts also provide excellent back-office systems, accessible to doctors and service providers around the globe.  Our systems can process large amounts of data, as well as providing you with up-to-date patient information, all in short time frames.

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